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Hello everyone, just wanted answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where are you guys located?

Our building is located at 200 Baptist Rd, Yorktown, VA 23690. We do travel outside this area and also offer shipping options for your material!

What all do you buy?

We buy Junk/ unwanted cars , Catalytic Converters and Core related items. 

Do you buy cars without a title?

Why yes we do! As long as you have a valid state DL/ID and can show proof of ownership we can buy!

How does the shipping option work?

Glad you asked! Send of pictures of what you are shipping, agree to our offer, package your items securely, insure your package for its full value and ship! Provide us with the tracking number. Once your items are received, payment will be sent via electronic transfer. We use PayPal, Zelle or Cash App. We do not cover the cost for shipping unless you have a frequent sender account with us.

Who should I use for shipping?

UPS or FedEx, both which provides a tracking number that allows real time placement and travel history of your items. 

How can I ensure I will will receive payment?

Another great question! (you guys are on a role). Here at Quality Cores Recycling, we pride ourselves on integrity and transparency. Honest, fair & reliable pricing. Our mission is to serve you as the client and build strong inner & outter community bonds.

How soon will I get paid?

The great thing about this question is the answer. How quickly you get paid all depends on you! You are in control! The sooner we receive & verify the material is what was agreed upon, you will receive a confirmation text of review and monies will be sent! It's really that easy. I know, I know what if this, and what if that?, well if, ifs were a fifth, we'd all be drunk 😂. There is no room for fear! There are multiple shipping times available and if you need assistance. we can help. Just shoot a message or give us a call. 804.247.8640

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